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Annual Hispanic Farmers and Agricultural Symposium 

The U.S. Hispanic population in the U.S. is 18.5 percent of the total population, with over 60 million residents. Hispanics are essential to U.S. agriculture’s success. Thousands of Hispanic farmers, farmworkers, agricultural professionals, policymakers, leaders in agricultural sciences, and diverse consumers of agricultural goods and services make important contributions to the U.S. economy, from promoting food and energy security to supporting jobs in communities across the country.


The Hispanic Farmers and Agricultural Professionals Symposium celebrates Latino agriculture heritage and leadership, connecting youth, farmers, and agricultural professionals from across the United States. Agriculture and, specifically, Latino leadership in agriculture is essential to the future of our nation's economy, food security, and the protection and conservation of natural resources. Hispanics who love agriculture embrace the challenge of leading and feed new generations of Americans. Although many challenges remain, we are well-positioned to continue taking action to help strengthen the agricultural sector and promote diverse and bilingual educational opportunities.


Enjoy the symposiums and many successful crops to come.

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