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Champions in Conservation

Training the Future of Hispanic Agricultural Conservationists

The Champions in Conservation program’s purpose was to train future leaders in the conservation of natural resources and to serve as multipliers of knowledge for the NRCS agency. It aimed to increase the agency's reputation, invest directly in the development of clients and agricultural leaders, and generate a new passion among young people and beginning farmers.

This program focused on developing and implementing a national bilingual agricultural conservation program based on the competencies required for success in conservation agriculture.

The main areas of training included: a) technical knowledge of conservation agriculture, b) leadership development, and c) data planning.

The following objectives guide the project's efforts:


Equipping participants to become the future leaders of agricultural conservation


Moving from an "entrepreneurial" agricultural practice to a "purposeful" practice


Implementing a cycle of responsibility from start to finish, in which trainers or coaches are assigned to work with farmers individually


Increasing the number of expert NRCS advocates to raise awareness of conservation in both Puerto Rico and the Southeastern US region

Champions in Conservation Learning Network

Conservation Within Your Reach

- 5 Chapters 

- 21 Conservation Practices with Illustrations

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