Champions in Conservation

The purpose of the Champions in Conservation program is to train leaders in the conservation of natural resources to serve as multipliers/promoters of knowledge of the NRCS agency. It is a more direct method that aims to increase the agency's reputation, invest directly in the development of clients and agricultural leaders, generate a new emotion among young people and beginning farmers.

This plan focuses on developing and implementing a national bilingual agricultural conservation program based on the competencies required for success in conservation agriculture.

The main areas of training and skills training will include: a) technical knowledge of conservation agriculture, b) leadership development, and c) data planning.

The following objectives guide the project's efforts:

  • That the participants dominate the topic of agricultural conservation;

  • Moving from an "entrepreneurial" agricultural practice to a "purposeful" practice;

  • Implement a cycle of responsibility from start to finish, in which trainers or coaches are assigned to work with farmers individually.

  • Increase the number of expert NRCS advocates to raise awareness of conservation in both Puerto Rico and the southeastern US region.

Champions in Conservation Learning Network

Conservation Within Your Reach

- 5 Chapters 

- 21 Conservation Practices with Illustrations