Farmer-Centered Outreach and Education Program

The Farmer-Centered Outreach and Education Program’s purpose is to establish, at a minimum, a proactive network of outreach specialists, mobilize farmer leaders, support for NRCS’ conservationists, an interactive farmer’s data clearinghouse, relevant education using a variety of outreach channels and connections for socially disadvantaged farmers and operators not only with USDA-NRCS but other USDA agricultural services and programs. These outreach efforts will aim at improving the ability of farmers and operators to become active, valued representatives of the NRCS and participate equitably in USDA programs and related activities.

As a strategy to satisfy several objectives the program will develop and submit informational modules that will first focus on measuring the Caribbean region’s farmers and operator’s presence, skills, needs, and characteristics. This provides a timely opportunity for USDA-NRCS to improve their staff’s ability to offer tailored training and technical assistance through an improved understanding of changing regional trends, needs and concerns raised through various data sources.

Project Achievements 


Trained bilingual outreach specialists. 


Generated a network of farmers, community leaders, government officials, Hispanic business owners, USDA leaders, and many more. 


Legal advisory team 


Organized and attended educational events and presentations for farmers in Spanish and English.

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