Dr. Nolo Martinez and Maya McElrath, copartners of mano-Y-ola, LLC - a minority-owned company - have over thirty years of combined experience in the field of leadership, education, family services, social work, and community development. Their common mission is to help each individual professional love what they do. 

For complete bio's of each team member please go to www.mano-Y-ola.com.

Dr. Nolo Martínez
Maya McElrath
Danielle Luchtenburg
VP of Programs
Patricia Morales
Program Manager
José Sánchez
Outreach Team Lead
Pedro Ayala
Outreach Specialist
Rene Rivera
Outreach Specialist
Adrian Parrott
Outreach Specialist
Honor Rackley
Data Specialist
Afra Koopman
Evaluation Specialist
Sara Espinosa
Animal and Life Science Associate
Molly Hass
Agricultural Development Specialist
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Hispanics / Latinos Improving the Future of Agriculture!

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Sara Espinosa

Animal and Life Science Associate