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Virtual Hispanic Outreach Ambassadors

A mano-Y-ola LLC and Natural Resources Conservation Service Partnership Program

Virtual  |  Summer & Fall  |  Part-Time  |  Paid



The purpose of this internship is to recruit high-achieving and dependable, bilingual, Hispanic students from the United States mainland and Puerto Rico to work in a virtual learning network. The program uses a curriculum developed by mYo designed to enhance the Natural Resources Conservation Service mission and outreach objectives among Hispanic communities. The virtual internship is an excellent opportunity to increase bilingual interns' knowledge of agricultural conservation, preservation of natural resources, agribusiness, leadership, and USDA programs and outreach services. Many of mYo’s former student interns have experienced success in advancing their professional careers or defining their area of interest to select and pursue post-graduate degrees.


The virtual internship work and requirements include: 

  • Completion of ninety (90) percent of attendance and participation in virtual sessions, and fulfillment of training and coaching sessions and assignments, scheduled by mYo’s team,

  • Satisfactory completion of an individual or team project (approved by mYo’s team); designing, implementing, and presenting a conservation project during the internship,

  • Recruiting a local Hispanic/Latino farmer to focus on a conservation project or practice,

  • Submitting a plan for approval and completing a final online presentation of the conservation project to mano-Y-ola’s team,

  • Attending 100 percent of the coaching sessions with the assigned mYo coach(es).


Interns are encouraged and provided opportunities during the internship to:

  • Increase leadership opportunities in agriculture, conservation, and agricultural outreach

  • Help improve and enhance mYo’s curriculum and future virtual internships

  • Promote and recruit potential candidates (students) to increase Technical Service Providers in their local communities

  • Support local farmers with conservation projects and initiatives

  • Collaborate with mYo team to improve educational materials and activities



  • Complete 44 hours of work within a 3-month period commitment

  • Internship payment is $15 per hour (maximum of 44 hours of work)

  • Working period: Summer June – August; Fall October – December 

Colorful Notebooks
Design Paper

Example Calendar

This is a sample of how a mano-Y-ola Virtual Internship could look. The time spent in the internship is balanced between attending online lectures, completing relevant coursework, and working on the conservation project. 

You're ready for this! 

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