Hacienda Salome, Mayaguez PR

Hacienda Salome, Mayaguez PR



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mano-Y-ola is a minority-owned company with over thirty years of experience in the field of leadership development, education research and evaluation, and community outreach and development. Nolo Consulting’s team designs, organizes, and evaluates the implementation of internship programs as well as outreach education efforts to assist Hispanic farmers in Puerto Rico and the Southeast Region of the United States, particularly enhancing farmers knowledge of agricultural conservation and USDA programs. 


We pride ourselves on the most up to date research on Hispanic/ Latino farmers in the Southeast United States and the Caribbean. 


We work to engage and educate the community about the programs, its goals, and what is happening in the Hispanic farming community.

Farmer Resources

Get information, resources, and instructions for participating in programs available to help you develop your agricultural business.

Talent Development

We can help connect talented students and professionals in various agricultural-related fields to positions within the FSA and NRCS.

Hispanics / Latinos Improving the Future of Agriculture!

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