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Hispanic Forest Landowner Outreach 


The Hispanic Forest Landowners Outreach Program’s objective is to foster inclusivity and equity in forestry conservation by implementing a modern, bilingual outreach strategy that proactively engages and empowers Hispanic forest landowners across the United States and its territories.

Our Services

Drone Surveys
USDA Registration
Agronomist Farmer
Conservation Management Plans
Planting a Tree
Technical Assistance
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Workshops and Resource Management Curriculum
Roadmap for Success

Reaching our goals requires working first to understand the challenges and aspirations of Hispanic Forest Landowners. Then, we take what we learn to create an educational network of experts, technical service providers, and bilingual materials that engages and promotes Hispanic Forest Landowners while also working to strengthen the United States Department of Agriculture’s ability to meet the needs of HFLs by placing young Hispanic agricultural professionals in internship opportunities across the country. We hope to create a meaningful and sustainable impact on the Hispanic Forest landowning community nationwide and in Puerto Rico through these three initiatives.

Woodland Path

Conducting a Survey of Hispanic Forest Landowners in the United States and
Puerto Rico

Tractor Deforestation

Building a Bilingual Hispanic Forest Landowner Hub 

Aerial View of Deforestation

Strengthening Capacity to Effectively Serve the Hispanic Forest Landowner Community.

Where We are Active

The 2021 mano-Y-ola Hispanic Forest Landowner Study identified eight states, along with the island of Puerto Rico, as having significant historical and statistical indications of HFLO presence. It is within these areas that we intend to concentrate our virtual and in-person outreach efforts.

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Newly Launched!

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Internships Available

Natural Resources Conservation Internship

Discover our Forestry Internship, which provides industry experience and the ability to have a meaningful impact on Puerto Rico’s natural resource conservation and communities. Thrive at mano-Y-ola, shaping your professional path while making a significant difference.

Puerto Rico | Full-Time | Paid | August - September


Positions are currently filled. 


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Forest Landowner Resources

These resources will soon be available in Spanish, so check in with us!

Farmer Resources

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