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How We Leverage Data to Support Landowners

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Using Innovative Technology to Connect with Landowners in Puerto Rico


Conservation Practice: Forest Farming

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‘Their Own Conservation Ethic’: Land Grant Communities in New Mexico

Articles featuring our AGricultural Programs

Explore the coverage of mano-Y-ola's work by reputable news sources and government agencies, gaining insights into our impactful initiatives and innovative solutions.

USDA Invests $50 Million in Partnerships to Improve Equity in Conservation Programs, Address Climate Change 

USDA-NRCS, Contact David Sanden | January 2022

Grant announcement notes mano-Y-ola's Nolo Martínez as a partner

Outreach Effort Brings Hope Along With Conservation Opportunities

USDA-NRCS, Written by Julie Wright | October 2019

Culebra Initiative - Partnership with NRCS, Mujeres de Isla, and Nolo Consulting 

Volunteer Spotlight: Hosted Volunteers from Puerto Rico Learn about Conservation in Louisiana

USDA-NRCS - LA Conservation Update | August 2018

USDA-NRCS monthly booklet highlights Nolo Consulting interns

Intern Spotlight

USDA-NRCS - LA Conservation Update | July 2018

Nolo Consulting interns' pictures are highlighted

Bienvenido a Missisippi

USDA MS FY 2018 Annual Report | 2018

Nolo Consulting interns are highlighted

South Florida Farm Tour Planned

Morning AG Clips | April 11, 2017

Event in West Palm Beach with Nolo Consulting Former Employee, Ricardo Alvarez

Equity Conservation Cooperative Agreements - Fiscal Year 2022 

USDA-NRCS | 2022

FY 2022 Equity Conservation Cooperative Agreement lists Nolo Martinez and the Champions in Conservation and Climate-Smart Agriculture (CCCSA) Initiative

USDA NRCS, FSA to Register Farms in Culebra in August 2019

USDA-NRCS | August 2019

Outreach in SEVA school in Culebra, Puerto Rico, with mano-Y-ola Former Employee, Pedro Ayala

Intern Roundtable

USDA-NRCS | July 2018

USDA Flyer for interns' final presentations 

Outreach Corner

USDA-NRCS - LA Conservation Update | January 2018

Nolo Consulting's Adrian Parrott and Nolo Martínez's outreach endeavors are praised

Welcome to Missisippi

La Vox | 2018

Nolo Consulting interns are highlighted

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mano-Y-ola collaborates with online publication Qué Pasa to sponsor its Agriculture page, providing timely agricultural news and showcasing our research and outreach efforts. Explore their featured articles showcasing our work below, and click the button to visit the QuéPasa Agriculture News page.

The Importance of Removing Weeds to Care for Crops

Written by Luis Neyra | October 2022

Article about mYo's book,

Conservation Within Your Reach

Installing High Tunnels Protects Crops from Extreme Weather

Written by Luis Neyra | September 2022

Article about the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

Latina Professionals Contribute to the Conservation of Natural Resources

Written by Karina Neyra | August 2019

Gabriela Velez, a Nolo Consulting intern, is highlighted 

Development Highlighted at 4th Symposium for Hispanic Farmers

Written by Luis Neyra | October 2022

Article about 4th Annual Hispanic Farmers and Agricultural Professionals Symposium, 2022

Virtual Symposium for Hispanic Farmers is October 7

Written by Luis Neyra | September 2022

Announcement for the 4th Annual Hispanic Farmers and Agricultural Professionals Symposium, 2022 

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mano-y-ola's press room

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