2018 Internship Program
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2018 Internship Program

Summer Internship Manual 2018

This manual is intended to provide basic guidance and answer questions you may have about the internship program in general. Please note, this manual does not answer specific questions about your unique internship assignment, you will be assigned a point of contact and/or supervisor who will explain local policies and procedures.

Profiles, Placement and Feedback


Angel Padilla, one of our five 2018 interns in Louisiana, created this video on his experience during his time working in the Jennings field office. Angel says that despite his reservations about traveling to rural Louisiana, he had the time of his life, met some incredible people, and had an unforgettable learning experience that will open doors for him in the future.



Read more from students who shared how the program helped launch their careers. 

Javier Medina

Completed a NIFA internship program in Washington, DC. Javier is also going to continue graduate studies at Ohio State University for the next semester. They will be carried out in the Department of Agriculture Communication, Education and Leadership (ACEL) with a focus on International Agricultural Development.

Angel Padilla

Has been accepted to a Pathway Program in California. 

Mariemines Ortíz 

Has been accepted to a Pathways Program in Illinois. 

Josue Aceituno 

Currently working full time as a Soil Scientist in Hanford, California with NRCS as of March 2020.

Pedro Ayala 

Currently working for Nolo Consulting, LLC as an Outreach Specialist. 

Rene Rivera

Currently working for Nolo Consulting, LLC as an Outreach Specialist. 

Jowin Hernández

Worked for Nolo Consulting, LLC as an Outreach Specialist. Has been accepted to a Pathway Program in Vermont. 

Luis Román

Currently working full time as a Civil Engineer Technician with NRCS. 

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