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Cultivar Learning Network 

The Cultivar Learning Network (CLN), supported by our Hispanic Farmer Equity Outreach Program, is an educational and networking development program designed to empower and support rural and urban Latino communities nationwide. These communities are essential to the future of agriculture, food security, and protecting and conserving natural resources. The Cultivar Learning Network helps communicate information about agricultural business opportunities, USDA programs, services to protect the soil and our natural resources, and opportunities for increasing Latino participation in good-paying agriculture jobs and professions.

The CLN emphasizes the importance of networking with Hispanic-serving organizations through consistent outreach. Our outreach efforts include working with media to promote our ideas and partnerships, supporting our CLN Advisory Collective, connecting with Hispanic-serving Institutions and universities throughout the states, and promoting the aspirations of our student interns.

Learning Modules 

Through our outreach to Hispanic farmers, our company has learned the needs and aspirations of this population and in response, has developed specific educational modules which build foundational knowledge in areas of critical importance. mano-Y-ola plans to expand our network with nonprofits interested in multiplying our efforts in their community and disseminating this educational information.


Natural Resources Conservation 

The Natural Resources Conservation Module introduces learners to the intersection of agriculture and the use of natural resources, which shape our everyday lives.



Data and Entrepreneurship 

The Data and Entrepreneurship Module takes participants through the foundations of good recordkeeping and financial literacy, a critical endeavor for any small business owner or farmer.

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Farmers’ Legal Education Assistance 

The Farmers' Legal education Assistance Module aims to help farmers know the basic legal aspects of running their agricultural business and the legal issues that could affect them such as legal business structures, heirs’ property issues, wills, easements, right of way, and more.

Reviewing Legal Agreement


Introduction to Leadership 

The Introduction to Leadership Module invites participants to look inwards and to go down a path of self-discovery, which will open doors to planning for the future and understanding the present.

Colleagues at Work


Young Future Conservation Professionals

The Young Future Conservation Professionals Module is shaped for university students and/or young professionals interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.



Climate-Smart Agriculture

Coming Soon...

Cracked Ground

In the CLN Virtual Internship, after their coursework, interns then design and execute a conservation project in partnership with a local farmer using the knowledge they have gained. Interns will have the opportunity to showcase their presentations at the annual Hispanic Farmers and Agricultural Professionals Symposium.

CLN Advisory Collective 

Javier Medina


Mariemines Ortiz


Joan Graniela

Since 2018, mano-Y-ola, in cooperation with USDA-NRCS state offices across the United States, has recruited more than 60 interns. Many are in a graduate program or working at NRCS offices nationwide, including Puerto Rico. In addition, several continued to volunteer time to lead and serve as CLN Advisory Collective members.


The primary purpose of the Advisory is to establish direct and ongoing connections with USDA agencies to:

  1. Help promote young Hispanic talent across USDA.

  2. Organize education activities to support agricultural conservation.

  3. Assist mano-Y-ola’s team in planning and growing future internship programs.

The CLN Advisory Collective promotes young professional Hispanic talent and accomplishments while connecting with agencies, Hispanic professionals in agriculture, student groups, and interns.

Promoting Agricultural Ideas 
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Advisory Mini Series 

This video series was created for agricultural enthusiasts: farmers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and those interested in learning about farming incentives offered by the federal government.


In this project, we will be inviting local farmers to share their experiences and to act as examples as we together promote new agricultural ideas.


In our videos, we will be sharing methods of soil and water conservation as well as providing information about different federal programs and grants available to new farmers.

We want to make videos that you want to see!

  • Was the material helpful?

  • What topics are you curious about, or what informational needs do you have?

  • Do you know a farmer we should interview?

Let’s journey together on the agricultural conservation path.

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About Us 

mano-Y-ola is a minority- and female-owned company with over thirty years of experience in leadership development, education research and evaluation, and community outreach and development. To learn more about mano-Y-ola LLC, go to our main website:

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With headquarters in North Carolina, and team members in: 

 - Wisconsin

 - Colorado

 - Louisiana

 - Texas

 - Puerto Rico 

 - The Netherlands


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