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According to the 2012 USDA Ag Census, in the United States, there are almost 100,000 Hispanic/Latino operators, of which 13,373 are in the Southeast Region. A 20.9 percent increase was seen in the number of Hispanic/Latino operators nationwide from 2007 to 2012. The number of Hispanic/Latino operators grew by 26.9 percent in the Southeast Region; Louisiana experienced the greatest increase (48.9 percent) while Mississippi experienced a decrease in Hispanic/Latino operators over of the five-year period (-5.8 percent).

The 2012 USDA Ag Census reports that in the United States there are a total of 3,180,074 operators, of which 3.1 percent (99,734) are Hispanic/Latino operators. Nine states in the country have a higher share of operators of Hispanic/Latino origin: New Mexico, California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

Of the 99,734 Hispanic/Latino operators in the United States, 13,373 are in the Southeast Region, of which 50 percent are in Florida. The remaining ten states have less than 900 Hispanic/Latino operators each with Louisiana having the most (849) and South Carolina the least (382).

In the Southeast Region, 1.8 percent of total operators are of Hispanic/Latino origin. Florida’s share of operators of Hispanic/Latino origin is the highest at 9.1 percent while Tennessee’s is the lowest at 0.7 percent.

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