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Southeast Hispanic Farmer Outreach Program 

Establishing Connections through Outreach and Education


The Southeast Hispanic Farmers Outreach Program’s (SHFO) major goal is to establish cooperative connections between socially disadvantaged Hispanic farmers and ranchers in the Southeast region of the United States with USDA, state, county, and municipal programs. The program establishes active networks, maintains an interactive clearinghouse of information and assistance, and designs proactive education channels with Hispanic farmers across the Southeast. The outreach activity efforts aim to improve the ability of Hispanic farmers and ranchers to participate equitably in USDA programs and related activities.


Based on the opportunities and lessons learned, the program has the capacity to expand direct outreach efforts to reach all the southeastern states. Direct outreach education and services support farmers in Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi. After conducting numerous interviews with Hispanic farmers, the program has documented agricultural conservation and production needs, and in several outreach states, it helped formalize the networks of Hispanic farmers and operators. The purpose of the network is to provide these farmers with continuous education, help build long-lasting connections with USDA, state, county, and municipal programs, and develop leadership accountability and representation among the region’s farmers. Hispanic farmers have demonstrated unanimous support for SHFO’s mission and interest in working in collaboration. 

Project Achievements 


Trained bilingual outreach specialists. 


Organized educational events and presentations in Spanish and English for farmers.


Generated a network of farmers, community leaders, government officials, Hispanic business owners, USDA leaders, and many more. 

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